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1. 支持金融領域的應用研究: 2020及2021,本中心致力於港幣及人民幣匯率研究;2022年,香港資本市場研究中心中心持續匯率相關話題探討,進一步擴大研究領域支持:進行ESG相關問題的理論及實證研究;2023年,本中心聚焦經濟周期下的匯率變動,完成研究《匯率變動與經濟周期模型》

2. 支持金融領域的基礎研究:包括設立研究補助金、研究項目、贊助舉辦小型研討會等;

3. 支持各類型的金融教育活動:包括搭建金融教育網站、為金融從業者舉辦小型交流會等。

This research center is an open platform for research with emphasis on Asia-related finance research.

(a) The center financially supports applied research in finance. For years 2020 and 2021, it has supported related research on Hong Kong currency exchange rate and RMB exchange rate. In year 2022, the center continued to support exchange rate related research. It will also expand its support to theoretical and empirical research on ESG related issues. In 2023, the center provided a model in which the cyclical behavior of exchange rates varies with the source of the economic shocks, completed the paper A Model of Pro-Cyclical Exchange Rates

(b) The center financially supports fundamental researches in finance. It can be in the form of research grant to research projects. It can also be in the form of grant for funding small scale focused research conferences.

(c) The center financially support activities for financial education. This can be in the form of educational websites, small scale conferences for practitioners.